‘In 2016, I saw an opportunity when I noticed large automotive manufacturers become increasingly uncomfortable with their position in the market after the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3. I can pinpoint this launch as the catalyst for the Volta Trucks vision. You can see what Tesla did for cars. Volta Trucks can do the same for commercial vehicles.

Ultimately, my real desire is to make Volta Trucks more than just one possible solution to transport decarbonisation. Rather, to be a genuine catalyst for change for the whole marketplace. My true goal is to inspire the rest of the sector to join us in the fight against climate change.’

Carl-Magnus Norden, Founder

Volta Trucks is excited to be launching our very first Early Careers Placement Programme to recruit talented individuals who want to join us in the fight to make our cities more sustainable. By joining this programme, alongside your day job where you will receive on the job training, you will also benefit from a comprehensive learning and development plan, group projects which will give you exposure to our senior leaders and the opportunity to work on charitable initiatives (plus any other ideas you have).

We have an opportunity within the Vehicle Integration Team to support an undergraduate Engineering student as part of their placement year. We want to support you with developing your engineering skillset and augment your academic progress with practical experience.

What our team does

We have 6 key functions within the Vehicle Integration team.
Prototyping – Build physical assets from engineering designs developed for our vehicle programs.
CAE – carry out virtual simulations of our vehicle designs for structural integrity and occupant safety before we build physical assets, to get things close to first-time right on build.
• Certification & Type Approval – carry out vehicle tests to get our vehicle configurations approved by the National and International transport Authorities and Governmental agencies for public registrations and service use.
Test & Development – perform all vehicle validation on a wide range of elements to ensure they conform to all design and performance targets.
Attributes – set targets for various vehicle elements like durability, range, powertrain efficiency, thermal performance, ride & handling, cabin quality and user interface etc and carry out assessments on vehicles to meet these targets.
Vehicle development Workshop – prepare, maintain test vehicle assets for certification, validation and attribute assessments.

What you will learn

• The whole ambit of a vehicle development process from build to sign off.
• Get involved in key elements in each of the 6 functions and understand the flow of vehicle development.
• Hands on experience of applying the engineering fundamentals learnt at university.
• Planning of activities and execution of these in a defined time frame
• Working with a wider team of experienced and skilled engineers and technicians to gain valuable experience.

Who we are looking for

• Energy and drive, combined with an inquisitiveness to learn and enhance engineering skills – currently pursuing a degree in automotive, mechanical, electrical, or mechatronic engineering.
• A keen ability to learn by challenging and asking questions – ask and understand why we do what we do.
• Ability to work as part of a team or individually with minimal guidance.
• Attention to detail, methodical with a logical approach to problem solving.
• Articulate with good verbal and written communication skills.