‘In 2016, I saw an opportunity when I noticed large automotive manufacturers become increasingly uncomfortable with their position in the market after the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3. I can pinpoint this launch as the catalyst for the Volta Trucks vision. You can see what Tesla did for cars. Volta Trucks can do the same for commercial vehicles.

Ultimately, my real desire is to make Volta Trucks more than just one possible solution to transport decarbonisation. Rather, to be a genuine catalyst for change for the whole marketplace. My true goal is to inspire the rest of the sector to join us in the fight against climate change.’

Carl-Magnus Norden, Founder

Volta Trucks is excited to be launching our very first Early Careers Placement Programme to recruit talented individuals who want to join us in the fight to make our cities more sustainable. By joining this programme, alongside your day job where you will receive on the job training, you will also benefit from a comprehensive learning and development plan, group projects which will give you exposure to our senior leaders and the opportunity to work on charitable initiatives (plus any other ideas you have).

We have an opportunity for our first placement student to join our Project Management Office (PMO) team.

What our team does

We have 3 primary elements to the PMO team;

• Process – definition, maintenance of and continuous improvement

• Delivery – ensuring programmes are delivered on spec, on time and on budget

• Adaptations – delivering the unique customisations to our standard products driven by our eclectic customer base

What you will learn

• A LOT!

• In PMO you will touch almost every part of the business in some way. It will give you a full overview of the process by which we develop and deliver our trucks using an agile approach and can-do attitude.

• You will have the opportunity to help develop processes with cross functional interaction

• You will have the opportunity to deliver specific activities to a given process

Who we are looking for

• Someone with energy and drive.

• An inquisitive mind with confidence to reach out to people to discuss new topics.

• They should be able to work as part of a team or individually with minimal guidance

• Someone who is methodical with a logical approach to problem solving.

• A people person with good soft skills